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March 2013

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Save the kiwi

Vital support:

Why do we do this work? Kiwi are iconic, biologically unique, and part of who we are. As a charitable trust we rely on donations, sponsorship and charitable grants. Please donate.


Kiwi Recovery

Welcome to the NZ Kiwi Foundation

The New Zealand Kiwi Foundation is the largest kiwi protection group. Our aim is to assist landowners and community groups to protect their kiwi through advocacy, and designing, implementing and supporting integrated pest control on their land. Currently, we help control animal pests on more than 20,000 hectares of private land in Far North District.

Less than 70,000 kiwi remain in New Zealand, and although Far North District has more North Island Brown Kiwi than elsewhere our kiwi live shorter lives because of death by dogs, cats, stoats, ferrets, habitat loss, development, and vehicles. 95% of kiwi chicks die within six months of hatching, but most chicks survive in our kiwi project areas.